Vitae Biologix LLC is a distributor of curated medical and biological products and services ("The Solutions"). We launched operations September 2019

All the partners and associates are experienced veterans in their field and have an extensive network of deep business relationships. We seek to monetize these relationships through the distribution of The Solutions and to grow the business through affiliate marketing and traditional sales interactions. 

The Vitae Biologix Team - Partners & Associates

Reggie Alcos - Digital Marketing & Sales Professional +20 years

Rob Naka - C-Suite Asset Management Operations +30 years

Jose Cunanan, Jr. - Respiratory Therapist, Clinical Educator, Business Development +28 years

Dr. Rex Manayan - MD Surgeon, Medical Advisor +30 years

Travis Kamiyama - Culinary Industry Professional - Royal Caribbean / Sandals Resorts +20 years

Current Products:

Regenerative Medicine: Dental Bone Graft, Amnio Fluid, Ocular Amniotic Membrane Allograft, Amniotic Membrane Allograft Protective Covering

Personal Protection Equipment PPE: - Access to a globally connected PPE Broker 

Infection Control: Sporicide, Virucide, Germicide and Pest Control, Hand Sanitizer

Naturopathic Medicine

Korean Medical Products: PPE, Technology